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  • Ceramic Pro 9H sealed by Waxyclean.

    Ceramic Pro 9H perminant bonding for cars.


    Waxyclean visit our online store for great detailing products.  we have various car sealants in stock which can protect your car.

    We polished a SAAB 95 and sealed the bonnet which our video demonstrates the sealant.




  • Car Detailing Forum

    New Car Detailing forum has been setup to show, discuss share car detailing ideas.

  • X1 Shine and Seal Beading on a car

  • waxstock Beutifal Ford nicely Detailed.

    waxstock ford, car detailing visit waxstock 2013 what a shine
  • New EZ Detail Brush

    New EZ Detail Brush is now available from

  • Detail Claying Procedure

    Detail Claying Procedure
    Quick rundown on how to detail clay your car to achieve that super slick surface.
     Always work in a shaded area and on a cool surface. Claying your car on a warm or hot surface will tend to make the clay stick to the surface and will not be effective to remove the bonded surface contamination.
     Thoroughly wash and dry your car or truck.
     Cut your detailing clay in half or quarters and form a round flat wafer.
     Spray your detail clay lubricant onto about a 2’ by 2’ area. IMPORTANT! If you drop your detail clay bar on the ground you MUST throw it away as it will pick up dirt from the ground which will scratch
    your car!
     Gently with slight pressure glide the detailing clay bar over the surface of the paint in a back and forth motion. Do not apply excessive pressure; remember you are only hydroplaning over the surface to remove bonded contaminants. The clay may tend to grab at first, then you will feel it break free and easily glide as the contaminants are removed. IMPORTANT! Keep your clay and surface well lubricated with your detailing clay lubricant.
     Wipe clay lubricant from the


    Great microfibre cloths from

  • ultima interior guard plus

    Ultima Guard Plus from WWW.WAXYCLEAN.CO.UK

    Ultima Interior Guard Plus: Long Lasting Interior Protection

    The world's first and only all-surface interior vehicle protection!

    • •Boosted by Polycharger®
    • •Leaves a silky finish

    Ultima Interior Guard Plus uses superior science and technology to coat, seal and protect every finish in your fine automobile. This clear sealant dries completely and will not leave a greasy, slippery film that attracts dust. Instead, fabrics, leather and vinyl will all take on the tactile feel of fine cashmere. A damp cloth is all that is required to clean and maintain your interior as sealant protection lasts for months.

    Key Benefits

    • Boosted by Polycharger®; for superior protection
    • Seals and protects leather, vinyl, plastic and wood trim
    • Resists staining, water damage & the effects of oils and salt from the skin
    • Eco friendly & provides UV protection to prevent drying and cracking of interior surfaces


    • Surfaces to be treated must be clean and dry before treatment.
    • On all leather, vinyl, plastic and wood trim surfaces, mist 1 or 2 shots of Ultima Interior Guard Plus onto the soft "applicator" side of the Ultima Interior Sponge and wipe on the finish.
    • Work in well and apply evenly.
    • Allow to dry for 3-5 minutes. Then buff with a clean, dry microfiber towel.
    • On cloth, mist the surface and work in thoroughly with the Ultima Interior Sponge.
    • Allow to dry one hour before use.

    Note: Surfaces to be treated must be clean and dry before treatment. Allow to dry one hour before use.

    Recommended Surfaces

    • Leather interior surfaces
    • Vinyl interior surfaces
    • Plastic interior surfaces
    • Wood trim interior surfaces
    • Cloth interior surfaces


    Ultima Interior Guard Plus, 12 oz.
    Ultima Interior Handy Grip Applicator, 5" by 2.5"

  • Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus

    Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus

    Ultima Tire and Trim Guard: Results Are Exactly What You Get

    It is well known that sealing paint with Ultima Paint Guard Plus adds gloss and protection while still being incredibly easy to “Wipe on, Walk awayTM”. But what next? Beautiful paint with ugly trim is like wearing a suit and going barefoot. Nothing offers a finishing touch like properly cared for tires and trim which is why Premium

    Finish Care developed Ultima Tire and Trim Guard (UTTG). –Read more about UTTG here.

    Ahead of its time:

    Years before other companies in the US were utilizing nan-technology, Premium Finish Care had already introduced it into much of the line including UTTG. Those are however just fancy words unless we get real world results from this patent pending Polycharger booster technology. When it comes to UTTG results are exactly what you get!

    Best in Class:

    This excellent product has become known as the best combination of durability, looks, cost, versatility, and ease of use on the market! If you like to reapply dressing every week and watch the rain wash it down the paint and into the groundwater leaving streaks, there are plenty of options out there but UTTG is NOT one of them.


    Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus is not only used on trim and
    tires but wheels and engine bays as well! In fact with its ability
    to withstand temperatures of over 500 degrees F, UTTG is more
    durable on metal, chrome, and clear coat wheels than even
    dedicated wheel waxes. The application is a bit different on
    non porous surfaces in that you wipe it off 10-15 minutes later,
    but the results are the same. Extreme durability and easier
    cleaning that lasts for an entire season on trim and 1+ month on tires, makes UTTG far more cost effective than cheap dressings that run and wash off in the rain and and leak toxins into the environment.


    Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus leaves your plastic trim looking new without any greasy looking over-glossed shine and wait until you apply it to metal!


    Ultima uses V.O.C. FREE SYNTHETIC petroleum distillates which are SAFE for all surfaces. Rick Vaal, formulator and chemist of Ultima series, when asked; "How is that different with regards to the environment?”, explained a few things and also provided an interesting story.

    During the time of the British Petroleum oil spill in the gulf, Ultima manufacturing came into somewhat of a problem. In an effort to dissolve the spilled oil and follow EPA regulations, the clean-up crews used the same synthetic distillate that Ultima uses! This in turn meant it was suddenly in short supply and near impossible to obtain during that period!

    Ease of Use:

    As with all of the sealants in the Ultima line, ease of use was at the forefront of its development goals from the beginning. It’s as simple as follows based on the surface for application:

    1. Ensure area to be treated is clean and dry.
    2. On large areas, spray directly on the finish and rub in with Ultima Tire Handi Grip


    1. On smaller surfaces, spray on applicator and apply to thedesired finish.
    2. On porous surfaces, such as tires and rubber trim, allow Tire &Trim Guard Plus to dry without buffing. Wipe off Ultima Tire & trim Guard with a microfiber towel within one minute to avoid difficult removal.
    3. On hard, glossy surfaces, such as your wheels and chrome trim, buff dry to a high gloss shine.

    For additional gloss on tires, a second coat may be applied after 20 minutes. Additional tip:

    On trim that has previously had low quality dressing, the prep and cleaning is by far the most important part. To allow UTTG to bond with the surface you must first remove the existing oil, grease, and oxidation left behind by previous products. Scrub oxidized plastic trim with Four Star Vehicle OEM Multi-Purpose Cleaner and a PFC Microfiber towel and rinse completely clean and then allow to dry thoroughly before application.


  • Car Detailing Branded Products

    WaxyClean sell known and branded Products that will take care of your car. Using these branded products they have been tested and used for a while, have been tested as well as being reviewed.

    These products are available from online that can guarantee to bring back the shine , protect your car.

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