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  • Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus

    Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus

    Ultima Tire and Trim Guard: Results Are Exactly What You Get

    It is well known that sealing paint with Ultima Paint Guard Plus adds gloss and protection while still being incredibly easy to “Wipe on, Walk awayTM”. But what next? Beautiful paint with ugly trim is like wearing a suit and going barefoot. Nothing offers a finishing touch like properly cared for tires and trim which is why Premium

    Finish Care developed Ultima Tire and Trim Guard (UTTG). –Read more about UTTG here.

    Ahead of its time:

    Years before other companies in the US were utilizing nan-technology, Premium Finish Care had already introduced it into much of the line including UTTG. Those are however just fancy words unless we get real world results from this patent pending Polycharger booster technology. When it comes to UTTG results are exactly what you get!

    Best in Class:

    This excellent product has become known as the best combination of durability, looks, cost, versatility, and ease of use on the market! If you like to reapply dressing every week and watch the rain wash it down the paint and into the groundwater leaving streaks, there are plenty of options out there but UTTG is NOT one of them.


    Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus is not only used on trim and
    tires but wheels and engine bays as well! In fact with its ability
    to withstand temperatures of over 500 degrees F, UTTG is more
    durable on metal, chrome, and clear coat wheels than even
    dedicated wheel waxes. The application is a bit different on
    non porous surfaces in that you wipe it off 10-15 minutes later,
    but the results are the same. Extreme durability and easier
    cleaning that lasts for an entire season on trim and 1+ month on tires, makes UTTG far more cost effective than cheap dressings that run and wash off in the rain and and leak toxins into the environment.


    Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus leaves your plastic trim looking new without any greasy looking over-glossed shine and wait until you apply it to metal!


    Ultima uses V.O.C. FREE SYNTHETIC petroleum distillates which are SAFE for all surfaces. Rick Vaal, formulator and chemist of Ultima series, when asked; "How is that different with regards to the environment?”, explained a few things and also provided an interesting story.

    During the time of the British Petroleum oil spill in the gulf, Ultima manufacturing came into somewhat of a problem. In an effort to dissolve the spilled oil and follow EPA regulations, the clean-up crews used the same synthetic distillate that Ultima uses! This in turn meant it was suddenly in short supply and near impossible to obtain during that period!

    Ease of Use:

    As with all of the sealants in the Ultima line, ease of use was at the forefront of its development goals from the beginning. It’s as simple as follows based on the surface for application:

    1. Ensure area to be treated is clean and dry.
    2. On large areas, spray directly on the finish and rub in with Ultima Tire Handi Grip


    1. On smaller surfaces, spray on applicator and apply to thedesired finish.
    2. On porous surfaces, such as tires and rubber trim, allow Tire &Trim Guard Plus to dry without buffing. Wipe off Ultima Tire & trim Guard with a microfiber towel within one minute to avoid difficult removal.
    3. On hard, glossy surfaces, such as your wheels and chrome trim, buff dry to a high gloss shine.

    For additional gloss on tires, a second coat may be applied after 20 minutes. Additional tip:

    On trim that has previously had low quality dressing, the prep and cleaning is by far the most important part. To allow UTTG to bond with the surface you must first remove the existing oil, grease, and oxidation left behind by previous products. Scrub oxidized plastic trim with Four Star Vehicle OEM Multi-Purpose Cleaner and a PFC Microfiber towel and rinse completely clean and then allow to dry thoroughly before application.


  • How to Wash Your Car - Wash Mitts

    Ask a group of car enthusiasts which company makes better car or truck? Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Honda, Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche or Audi? You will get a variety of different answers, everyone has his or her opinion! To say that everyone has a favorite is an understatement yet there are some basic fundamentals that make an item one of the best for its intended purpose.
    Choosing a car wash mitt can be somewhat the same. Some like microfiber while others like synthetic or genuine sheepskin. This comes down to personal preference but the super plush genuine wool wash mitts like the Sonus Ultimate Wool Wash Mitt is hard to beat. They are soft, hold lots of water and car wash shampoo solution and they rinse cleanly. You will want to be sure to avoid shop rags, old t-shirts, and beach towels as the nap, or thickness of these materials are so short that you can inadvertently push surface dirt around instilling washing swirl marks. Also, these type of wash rags do not release trapped dirt as easily. The thicker Sonus Ultimate Wool Wash Mitts offer room for dirt to hide away from the surface of the car until

  • How To Wash Your Car

    How To Wash Your Car - Detailing 101
    How To Properly Wash Your Car for Streak Free Shine!
    You’ve spent plenty of money the purchase of your car or truck, now the question arises, “How do I take care of it?”. The answer is vital to retaining the value of your vehicle and reducing future costs due to premature deterioration.
    Much has been written on how to properly maintain a vehicles appearance and while most of the tips in this article certainly aren’t new, perhaps they may help you think about things in a different light.
    Vehicle enthusiasts range from those who religiously wash or quick detail their vehicles daily, to those who love caring for their vehicle but only get the chance to wash them weekly or bi-weekly. Both categories of enthusiasts cringe at the very thought of taking their car or truck to a car wash, otherwise known as “automatic swirl factories”. In this article I hope to give you some ideas and tips that will help you maintain your vehicles appearance and teach you ways to avoid, or at least minimize creating swirl marks.

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