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Valet PRO Achilles Prep - 500ml

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Product code:    VP-WP13-500ML

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Durability: 7 Achilles Prep has sealant qualities and will last for up to 3 months
Depth of shine: 6 True depth come from this product when Orion's shield or Artemis Wax Seal is applied
Shine: 8 Warm glow gloss enhancers
Ease of use: 7
Cut: 2 Mildly abrasive will remove micro marring and fill deeper imperfections


Our Achilles Prep product is a paint cleanser, but while most paint cleansers will hide and fill micro-marring in your car's bodywork, ours actually removes them.
It can be used after claying to really enhance the gloss and metallics of your paintwork and can be applied by hand or machine polisher.

In depth

In essence this is a paint cleanse product. The whole purpose of the paint cleanse is to deeply clean the paintwork and enhance the paints gloss. It is a preparation product prior to a final wax or sealant, so it is the product that should be used prior to using Orion Shield or Artemis Wax Seal.

Achilles Prep does much more than clean paintwork and enhance gloss though.

In some cases a paint cleanse is used after claying. It is possible to inflict micro marring into paint work when claying and thus it is important to remove the micro marring, even if it has been caused by the clay or not.

A paint cleanse is also a good option if your paintwork is in relatively good condition but has a few contaminates which need removing. A paint cleanse will also clean deep into scratches removing embedded grime that claying cannot reach, thus making these imperfections less visible. As said above, Achilles Prep does this and more.

Achilles Prep has fine polymer abrasives and while most paint cleansers will hide and fill micro marring, our product will remove them. It also has good filling qualities which hide deeper imperfections and to add to this there are additional polymers which gives it a semi-permanent finish thus improving the life of your chosen wax or sealant.

Finally, Achilles Prep has some impressive gloss enhancing abilities. and these gloss enhancers 'lift' the paintwork and can make metallics pop out.

Achilles Prep can be used on its own as a final product or it can be used in a ValetPRO system. Application methods can be either by hand or using a machine polisher (either a DA or a low speed rotary).

Model VP-WP13-500ML
Manufacturer ValetPRO
Shipped Weight 567.9000
Volume 500ml
UPC 5.06E+12
Units Per Case (Case/Wholesale Orders) No
Item Volume 500ml

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