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Polishes / Compounds

Now we have reached the most important part or any wash / detail, the polishing.
Waxes and Sealants are no good without an initial quality paint finish, the polishing / compounding process removes things from the surface of the paint like marring, swirls, surface scratches and it all depends on the product you use.
A basic polish like Autoglym SRP will bring back colour and use fillers to fill smaller scratches whereas a compound like 3M Fast Cut used with a 3M Green Pad via a Rotary Machine will cut back the paintwork.

We have a full range available from Autoglym, Meguiars, Flexipads, GTechniq, Mothers, Autosmart 3m and other popular brands.

Why Use Car Paint Selant ?

A paint sealant is a selant that protects cars from ultraviolet rays and acid rain. Paint sealants protect cars' finishes, and can make cars shiny. There are synthetic sealants and carnauba waxes.

Salt may be a factor that many protective sealants do not defend against, and thus salt water may break down protective layers to get at the metal and corrode