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Keep your car shiny with a wash and wax

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After spending time cleaning, preparing and polishing your car make sure that finish on the car is fully protected by applying a quality wax. Applying a wax makes your paintwork brighter and adds more depth in darker paints, we have some of the best wax products available. we have a wide range of carnauba car waxes and paint sealants that will make your car look great giving that brilliant shine.  We have various branded car waxes such as Dodo Juice, Mothers, Meguiars, Collinite, CarSpunk, Autofiness and Formula 1 which all of these products are made to enhance the look and the feel of your car.  Not only does this look good but aslo give you paint protection that you require.

Nanak Car Wash has car care facilities in Etobicoke and Brampton, that are fully equipped with state-of-the-art wash systems and quality ‘green certified’ car wash and detailing products. They look forward to helping you ‘get in quick, get clean and get out quick’ today and get your car sparkling clean and looking good as new!

To wax or not to wax, that is the question. Waxing your car used to be the only way to get it looking shiny and new, but with improved paint technology, modern day cars now have a built-in clear coat that helps retain paint colour and protect your vehicle from dirt, salt, UV rays and exhaust fumes. However, over time this clear coat will lose its shine and develop a hazy surface and small scratches will build up.

Why wax?

Waxing is your way of giving your car that added TLC and protection it deserves – AND make it look like a million bucks! Other benefits include:

-    Wax adds an additional layer to the top coat, and ensures you only remove dirt not your paint colour when washing

-    Wax preserves oil in the paint and helps prevent oxidation

-    Updated wax formulations make it easier to ‘wax on and wax off’…Mr. Miyagi would be proud! Choose between regular wax applicators or convenient spray-on formulas for long lasting protection and easy application

-    Waxing your vehicle at the beginning of each season will protect and maintain paint colour and shine

-    Wax adds an added layer of protection from airbourne pollutants and contaminants, such as UV rays, acid rain, salt, dirt, and insects.

-    Wax makes washing your vehicle easier whether you’re going through the car wash or washing your car at home

-    Added protection. A layer of wax on your vehicle will help protect it from damaging stone chips

-    Wax on your car is like anti-wrinkle cream for your face. It will definitely help reduce the appearance of fine lines (and scratches!) and fill them in making imperfections look less apparent and obvious

Regular car waxes not only help boost your car’s shine but also its resale value. Nanak Car Wash offers quality car detailing services that will give your car the attention it deserves both inside and out, leaving it looking and feeling sparkling clean and fresh. Take advantage of Nanak’s car wash and car detailing specials and promotions. Contact them today for more information.