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Formula 1 Carnuaba Fast Wax 16oz

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Formula 1 Carnuaba Fast Wax 16oz

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Formula 1 Carnuaba Fast Wax 16oz

  • Fastest, easiest way to Carnauba Wax shine and protection.
  • Shines all exterior finishes including bumpers, trim and chrome
  • Leaves no powdery residue.
  • Gives a deep, glossy shine.
  • Safe for all paint finishes, including clear coat.
  • Easy to use—just spray and wipe!


Helpful Hints

  • Watch what you're wearing when you wax your car. Clothing with zippers, buttons, rivets and decorative trim can scratch your paint as you lean over to reach the hood and roof.
  • Avoid using the same towel or rag to apply different products. Some ingredients may soak through, changing the chemical balance.
  • Immediately rinse gasoline, oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid and windshield fluid spills from your finish. NEVER wipe.


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use a Fast Wax?
Formula 1 Fast Wax is fast and easy to apply in between regular waxing. The unique formulation revives weathered paint finishes, clears away dust and dirt and leaves a lustrous shine.

Will Formula 1 Fast Wax harm other surfaces?
Formula 1 Fast Wax is completely safe on all surfaces and leaves no residue. Simply wipe off overspray with a damp cloth.

What are the ideal conditions for application?
Hot paint surfaces are not ideal, as they can bake the wax making it more difficult to remove. For this reason, Formula 1 Fast Wax is best applied to cool surfaces and preferably out of direct sunlight.



Additional Information

Model F1-615056
Volume N/A
Units Per Case (Case/Wholesale Orders) 6
Item Volume 16oz
UPC 071099150563
Manufacturer Formula1 Car Care

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