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Supernatural Glass Sealant Kit, 50 ml dodo juice

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Dodo Juice Supernatural Glass Sealant Kit, 50 ml

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Water Repellent Glass Sealant With Outstanding Durability. Based on covalent nano-technology, Supernatural Glass Sealant creates a chemical bond with glass to form an extremely durable water-repellent coating. Visibility in rain is improved dramatically and it may even extend wiper life. Lasts approximately 6-12 months before re-application is required. Glass should be thoroughly cleaned and free of residue before application (use Dodo Juice Clearly Menthol or Supernatural Glass Polish beforehand).


Dodo Juice Supernatural Glass Sealant is based on nanotechnology covalent. It creates a very strong bond and extreme durability with the surface of the glass (6 to 12 months), forming a screen idorepellente. 

visibility is extremely improved in case of rain and the consumption of the wiper will be affected in a positive way. advice on the preparation

 1. The Glass Sealant is a coating and not a cleaner: affinche you can take full advantage of its features is necessary that the surface of the glass is thoroughly cleaned before.

 2. Before applying the glass must be clean and dry: it is preferable not to work in the presence of moisture and condensation because you might not have the power sealant to the bottom. 

 3. After cleaning with shampoo or with a dedicated product rinse with water. 

4. If you are in possession of a clay bar is always preferable to use before applying the sealant.

5. After the clayin clean and dry but without using the quick detailer based waxes or sealants. 

6. Immediately prior to application of the Glass Sealant use the Dodo Juice Supernatural Glass Polish and / or Dodo Juice Clerarly Menthol (or an alcohol-based product). Application 

1. As with all products "nano", it is recommended to use nitrile gloves during application 2. E 'should be divided by the area to work in smaller areas to focus work. 3. Pour a little of Glass Sealant on the supplied cloth and begins to apply the product, creating a thin film with light movements and superimposed over. It will be important to perform a lightweight application (not exaggerating with the product) uniformly and fairly quick. Once the cloth appears to slide on a supericie dry, begin the operation of application of the product (without adding another) always so delicate and circular. This may be shorter or longer depending on the humidity and temperature in the environment. 

4. Once you have completed the drafting of the product will need to use a dry cloth for glasses suitable for the removal of debris. 5. Wait a couple of minutes and repeat step 4 for maximum certainty of waste disposal. 6. Apply in the same manner the Glass Sealant on the remaining areas. 7. Let rest for at least 2-3 hours work: at this juncture it is appropriate that the glass does not come into contact with liquids that could compromise the durability of the sealant. 8.Thoroughly clean the tergicritalli before the new user with a strong shampoo or with an alcohol-based cleanser. 9. It 'good to note that if the glass were to have scratches and signs, they may become more visible as a result of the application of the sealant. Each operation of the control and removal of the same must therefore be executed first. 10. To maximize the life of the sealant to avoid the use of strongly acidic degreasing agents also in the basin of the washer. 11. If all these points are respected product life is 6-12 months. Retention 1. Use a neutral pH shampoo for pulzia. 2. E 'permitted the occasional use of alcohol-based glass cleaners is not recommended while claying. 3. Where should begin to decline the protection offered reapply the sealant.

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