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Washing and Drying

Washing and Drying

Washing your car is where the fun starts, we have a great range of Foam Pre-washes to choose from and these can be used in a foam or chemical attachment on your jet was or via a specialised foam lance that attaches to your washer, this is also one of the most fun parts, cover your car in foam, let is dwell for a few minutes then blast it off!

Time to move on the hand wash, using a quality lambswool wash mitt and a mix of one of the quality shampoos we sell, work your way round the full body of the car starting at the top and work your way down, don't be afraid to load your wash mitt with fresh shampoo mix and try to replenish your wash mitt with shampoo mix from your bucket about every panel you clean, you could even use the two bucket method!

Now is the time to dry, it's best not to let standing water dry as you may find that water marks appear is you live in a hard water area or you don't have access to a water softener! Use one of our high quality drying towels to soak up all ther standing water for a streak free finish.

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  1.   X1 Wash & Gloss 500ml

    X1 Wash & Gloss 500ml


    X1 Wash and Gloss - 500ml

    High Class Vehicle Shampoo (NEW!!!) That Is Simply A Dream To Use, Cleans and Protects All In One 

    This Product Is Designed For The Top Class, Serious Car Owner Like You..

    Newly Developed Car Shampoo That Cleans AND Protects 

    This is a newly developed product which is a unique combination of American and British technology. This you will not find on the shelves ANYWHERE so you can be guaranteed that you will be one of the first few to try it. It is necessary to use this high grade, neutral based shampoo before the X1 Shine & Seal Protection systems (1 Year and 5 Year) as it not only provides the deep clean you need to remove all trace of contaminants, it also sets up the base on which to apply X1 Super Shine and Seal.

    This supreme product is now available to the general public not just car traders. This PTFE Wash and Gloss not only has your paintwork gleaming but it is a beauty to use.  Don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself on this free trial.

    X1 Wash & Gloss has been used on elite and high end cars (Ferrari, Porsche, Lotus) for our clients and is now available to the public. It won’t be found in any shop.

    It is always used with our  X1 Super Shine and Seal product so what you do is simply clean and wash with X1 Wash & Gloss before you protect, seal and polish with X1 Shine and Seal.

    1)  Step 1 – Wash with X1 Wash and Gloss
    2)   Step 2 – Fully clean, protect and polish with X1 Shine and Seal (optional)

    This is a high class vehicle shampoo that truly shines and protects. It has outstanding hydrophobic qualities water and once applied, water simply sheets off, meaning ultimate protection.

    X1 Wash & Gloss is a highly advanced car shampoo, designed for the more serious car owner who really wants to cherish the look and longlevity of their car.

    It simply expels water from all paint surface due to its nano tech hydrophobic design. This product has been designed with you in mind, understanding that your prime ambition is to maintain the quality of your automotive paintwork without the streaking effect that other shampoos out there give.

    So why not be one of the first to try out this unique, technically advanced and innovative products which has received rave reviews already.

    It is more suitable for:

    Exteriors – Paintwork

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  2.   X1 Shine & Seal 3 Bottle Treatment (250 ml bottles) - 5 Year Paint Restoration System

    X1 Shine & Seal 3 Bottle Treatment (250 ml bottles) - 5 Year Paint Restoration System


    X1 Shine and Seal - 3 Bottle Treatment (250ml)

    This combined product consists of X1 Wash and Gloss, Step 1 and Step 2 of the X1 Shine and Seal 5 Year paint protection system.

    X1 Shine and Seal (5 year protection) is a premium paint protection system that protects paintwork for up to 5 years and leaves an unrivalled shine. It is based on advanced PTFE Nanotech technology (contains 12% PTFE) with superior Acryloplexins meaning ultimate protection. This superior blend of polymers and suspended PTFE particles give that ultimate protection and deep gloss showroom finish. It contains no abrasive and a trace amount of silicone which has no harmful effects in spray paint booths. It is typically used in the car and motorhome areas.
    X1 Shine & Seal (5 Year Protection) halts the typical fading and oxidation of the paintwork, preventing your car looking old before its time. You can easily and cheaply protect your car paintwork from all the corrosive elements – and our 5 year product will protect against UV, pollution, acid rain (sulphuric and nitric acid), bugs, salt, exhaust gases, and snow and this is two simple steps.
    Additionally the ultra-hydrophobic property of X1 Shine and Seal means that any dirt and stubborn grime that does stick is so easy to wash off and even when you apply normal cleaning detergents, these chemicals do not strip away the protective coating – the coating is immune to ALL detergents, meaning your showroom shine will not fade either.

    It is highly recommended to use this high grade, neutral based shampoo before the X1 Shine & Seal Protection systems (1 Year and 5 Year) as it not only provides the deep clean you need to remove all trace of contaminants, it also sets up the base on which to apply X1 Super Shine and Seal.

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  3.   X1 Wash and Wax 500 ml

    X1 Car Wash and Wax 500ml


    X1 Wash and Wax 

    X1 Wash and Wax contains premium polymeric waxes that will clean and shine all vehicles, leaving a sparkling finish.

    Green in colour,  it contains waxes emulsified in an aqueous base, which leaves a shiny streak free finish.

    Ideal for cleaning paintwork, bodywork, plastic, rubber, Perspex and aluminium.

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  4.   X1 Alloy Wheel Cleaner , Alloy wheel wash 500ML

    X1 Alloy Wheel Cleaner 500ML


    X1 Alloy Wheel Cleaner

    Get Your Alloys Gleaming With X1 Alloy Wheel Cleaner

    X1 Alloy Wheel Cleaner is simply the best on the market – we only sell top quality at X1.

    This acid replacement cleaner was developed to enhance the appearance of alloy wheels without the use of strong acids, which can damage paintwork

    As well as being a far more eco friendly, greener formulation (a mild phosphoric acid product) it can be used without the nasty effects of normal acids, and it simply acts as a superb Alloy cleaner.

    Its prime role is for the incredibly fast and safe removal of brake dust and road salts from alloy wheels. It also leaves a protective coat to not only help with the prevention of build up of brake dust and road salts on your alloys but more importantly, to prevent brake dust & road salts CORRODING your alloys.

    So X1 Alloy Wheel Cleaner is just used on: Alloy Wheels

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  5.   X1 3 Bottle Gift Pack 250ML

    X1 3 Bottle Gift Pack 250ML


    X1 3 Bottle Gift Pack 250ML

    This X1 3 bottle gift you won’t find anywhere else but here. Uniquely stylised, this pack contains our:

    * X1 Wash & Gloss 250 ml (premium deep wash car shampoo)

    * X1 Shine and Seal 250 ml (protects car paintwork for up to 12 months – we have had raving reviews)

    * X1 Waterless Wash Guard 250 ml – the perfect paint protection and polish system.

    We can bottle any product you wish though – just browse our Products section and email us your requirements.

    This is nicely packaged as a present to present to your loved one, a member of the family or friend

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  6.   Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay 200g

    Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay 200g


    Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay - 200g

    See what your car wash has been missing!

    Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay Bar removes hidden contaminants that washing leaves behind. Detailing clay deep cleans auto paint by removing microscopic, embedded debris that gradually harms the paint. Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay Bar is a long-lasting, reusable, synthetic detailing clay bar that will leave your vehicle smooth, shiny, and unbelievably clean.

    The best option is a true clay lubricant, like Wolfgang Clay Lubricant. Besides protecting the paint, Wolfgang Clay Lubricant makes it very easy to deep clean your vehicle with clay.

    Clay removes:

    • Rail Dust – highly corrosive dust created by rail road wheels grinding against the tracks.
    • Brake Dust – highly corrosive dust generated by every vehicle on the road every time the driver applies the brakes
    • Industrial Fallout – air-polluting byproduct of industrial plants, often contains metals
    • Tree sap mist – a light spray of sap that sticks to anything in its path
    • Tar – road tar from construction is often hot when it hits the vehicle and it contains chemicals that are detrimental to auto paint.
    • Bugs – bug remains contain acidic fluids that eat into auto paint.

    Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay Bar works with Wolfgang Clay Lubricant to protect your paint from unseen dangers. Detailing clay works by gliding across the paint and picking up any debris that protrudes from the paint surface. The debris sticks to the clay bar and is removed from the paint. Polishing can be unnecessarily abrasive and washing alone doesn't touch this kind of contamination. Detailing clay is the answer.

    In order for detailing clay to glide easily on the paint without scratching, you must use Wolfgang Clay Lubricant. This combination of products will leave your vehicle feeling slick, smooth, and incredibly clean. Once wax or a paint sealant is applied, it will seal off the tiny holes left by the removed contaminants. Your vehicle will look mirror-smooth and flawless, but only if you use Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay as part of your detailing process!

    A quality wax or paint sealant enhances the present condition of the paint. If the paint is gritty and dirty, the shine will appear cloudy and uneven. However, if the paint is clean and smooth, the wax or sealant will look glossy and slick. Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay helps you achieve a glassy surface that looks incredible under any wax or sealant. Plus, the paint protection will bond better with totally clean paint.

    Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay Bar should be used twice a year to maintain a slick, reflective finish. If your vehicle requires polishing and claying, use the clay first. Clay will remove any abrasive debris so it does not get rubbed into the paint as you polish.

    As you work with the clay, check the condition of the clay frequently. If it is very dirty, fold the clay in half and keep working with a fresh side. You can stretch, fold, and reuse one piece of clay many times before replacing it. The number of uses varies according to the condition of your vehicle. This 200 gram bar  should last between 7-10 uses on average.

    Protect your paint from airborne contamination with regular cleanings using Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay Bar. This revolutionary cleaning compound leaves paint silky, shiny, and as smooth as glass – the perfect foundation for a wax or paint sealant.

    The best option is a true clay lubricant, like Wolfgang Clay Lubricant. Wolfgang Clay Lubricant is an advanced, VOC compliant formula containing super polymers, which provide a sheer, ultra smooth shield between the paint and the clay.
    Spray small area with lubricant. Use moderate pressure passing the clay across the paint.
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  7.   Wolfgang Auto Bathe

    Wolfgang Auto Bathe


    Wolfgang Auto Bathe

    Wolfgang Auto Bathe is pure luxury for your vehicle!

    Wolfgang Auto Bathe is a rich, high sudsing car shampoo that pampers even the most delicate paint finishes. This high lubricity car wash lathers your vehicle in paint-protecting foam as it loosens and lifts dirt and grime. Wolfgang Auto Bathe leaves your vehicle looking clean, shiny, and virtually water spot-free.

    We're pleased to say that, not only does Auto Bathe live up to that notion, but it surpasses other car washes in cleansing power and preservation of your vehicle's paint. Thanks to technological advances stemming from years and years of German research, input from professional detailers, auto paint and finish technicians, our team of American chemists were wildly successful in formulating an advanced car shampoo unlike anything else on the market.

    The secret behind Wolfgang Auto Bathe's awesome cleansing power is in the suds. TUFF SUDS II is a foaming technology that works by suspending natural oils and what we've dubbed "super polymers" within the foam—allowing built-up dirt and grime to be effortlessly swiped away. The natural oils act as lubricants, encapsulating each dirt particle, reducing the chances of inflicting washing swirls. Gritty and abrasive residue is rinsed away without scratching the paint.

    TUFF SUDS II, in combination with super polymers and gentle cleansing agents, leaves your car sparkling clean, conditioned and protected. TUFF SUDS II enables Wolfgang Auto Bathe to create an abundance of long-lasting, luxurious, aromatic bubbles, even in hard water!

    Wolfgang Auto Bathe is a concentrated gel shampoo bearing Wolfgang's signature scent. Though tough against paint-damaging agents, Auto Bathe is amazingly surface-friendly. It will not strip wax or any type of polymer surface protectants from your vehicle. Natural oils act as a lubricant to prevent scratches or swirl marks. Wolfgang Auto Bathe leaves behind an ultra-thin coat of gloss, resulting in a beautiful shine. The polymers in Wolfgang Auto Bathe encourage water to sheet off, leaving behind very few water droplets.

    We at Wolfgang set the bar high when it comes to environmental matters. We're committed to our products being earth-friendly. With a perfect, neutral pH balance of seven, Wolfgang Auto Bathe is completely safe for your skin and the environment. You won't find any harsh detergents, dangerous toxins, wax stripping agents, or sub-quality ingredients in our Auto Bathe—or in any of our products.

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    Valet PRO Wash and Protect Shampoo - 5L


    + Leaved a cationic film protecting metal and paint work
    + Finish adds gloss and repels water
    + Promotes fast streak free drying

    Learn More

    Valet PRO Poseidon's Carnauba Wash - 5L

    Poseidon's Carnauba Wash is a shampoo of the highest quality. It produces beading after washing even an unwaxed car! It will leave your car with a great shine to it and will also add life to any wax that is on your vehicle already. Learn More

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