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Auto Finesse Imperial - Wheel Cleaner Concentrate 1 litre

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Auto Finesse Imperial - Wheel Cleaner Concentrate 1 litre

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Auto Finesse Imperial - Wheel Cleaner Concentrate 1L

Auto Finesse Imperial is a detergent-based wheel cleaner that safely and effectively breaks the bond between brake dust and wheel surfaces. Two versions of the product are available; a pre-diluted option (10:1, water:product) and a full strength concentrate. The pre-diluted version is usually sufficient for routine wheel cleaning, but can struggle to remove baked-on brake dust from badly neglected rims. In such cases, the concentrate can be diluted 4:1 or 2:1 in order to greatly increase cleaning power. Highly effective yet ultra safe, Auto Finesse Imperial is suitable for all wheel types, with the exception of polished metal, chrome plated and anodised rims.

This One Litre Concentrate bottle will make up to 10 Litres so is extremely cost effective.

Dilute 1:2 (Product:Water) for heavy soiling

Dilute 1:10 (Product:Water) for normal soiling

Easy to use without relying on harsh acids to take off brake dust and general build up's of grime, we use many different wheel cleaners for different jobs and finishes alike but so far we're really happy with the cleaning power and mildness of Imperial, we also favour the pleasant aroma of Imperial over most of the nostril burning concoctions we come across!

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Choose size N/A
Volume 1000ml
Units Per Case (Case/Wholesale Orders) 12
Item Volume 1000ml
Manufacturer Auto Finesee

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