GSHC is a certified installer graphene self healing coating that is formulated using organic and in-organic ingredients.

GSHC is a blend of Graphene and polymers in which silicon dioxide and nitrogen atoms alternate forming a dense cross linked layer that has memory allowing it to self heal. With this technology we are calling it SiOx as it is a complex multi-layer cross link technology. GSHC has extreme adhesion benefits to many surfaces and has a great standalone hydrophobic effect.

GSHC can be used on:

Paintwork, glass, metal, plastics, leather, rims as well as a final layer over our PPS Pro coating.

Self Heal Coating Graphene
Waxyclean is a Certified Installer of Waxedshine GSHC

GSHC is our latest revolutionary product utilizing Graphene and blended into a self healing formula.

Key Features:

– One Product, One Layer, One hour Cure

– Ultra hydrophobic

– Excellent chemical resistance

– Graphene formula

– Hand or HVLP applied

– Heals at 60C