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Detail Claying Procedure

Here we have a quick rundown on how to detail clay your car to achieve that super slick surface. Follow these steps for a perfect finish every time.

    • Always work in a shaded area and on a cool surface. Claying your car on a warm or hot surface will tend to make the clay stick to the surface and will not be effective to remove the bonded surface contamination.
    • Thoroughly wash and dry your car or truck.
    • Cut your detailing clay in half or quarters and form a round flat wafer.
    • Spray your detail clay lubricant onto about a 2’ by 2’ area. IMPORTANT! If you drop your detail clay bar on the ground you MUST throw it away as it will pick up dirt from the ground which will scratch your car!
    • Gently with slight pressure glide the detailing clay bar over the surface of the paint in a back and forth motion. Do not apply excessive pressure; remember you are only hydroplaning over the surface to remove bonded contaminants. The clay may tend to grab at first, then you will feel it break free and easily glide as the contaminants are removed. IMPORTANT! Keep your clay and surface well lubricated with your detailing clay lubricant.
    • Wipe clay lubricant from the

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