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WaxyClean have a wide range of car care services detailed below.  We have everything you need to give your prestige or performance car the professional finish it really deserves, with the added attention to detail that the WaxyClean staff bring.  Working from our all new, state of the art, 775 square foot facility the WaxyClean staff will take care of your car, giving delivering it back in pristine condition with a professional shine and that like-new finish.

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The WaxyClean Protection detail is highly recommended every six months for your vehicle, this treatment gives your car a thorough clean and protection inside and out. The process starts with a warm water wash, safely removing all loose dirt and debris from your cars body, wheels and arches. Next the engine bay is professionally cleaned with the cleaning method suitable for your engine type. Next, using the best car care products on the market we clay all paintwork and windows and apply a chemical treatment to remove any stains or sticky residue like tree sap or tar spots. This will leave your car feeling perfectly clean and smooth, at this stage we dry your car with warm filtered air before applying a professional glaze to help cover any small scuffs or scratches your car may have. Your car is now ready for the protective layers.

We apply the highest quality wax to your car, giving your car that professional finish and helping protect your vehicle against the elements for up to 6 months. With your car gleaming we now concentrate on the smaller details, applying sealant to the glass and wheels, dressing your tyres and engine bay and even polishing your exhaust pipe ends.

With the outside of your car looking spotless we now finish off with the interior, cleaning all trim, vacuuming all carpets and fabrics and cleaning and conditioning any leather.

The WaxyClean Enhanced Detail is perfect for when your car needs that little bit more. If your car hasn’t kept its showroom shine and over time has built up slight swirl marks and wash marks then this is the detailing package for you. The enhanced detail is made to help all minor paint defects, getting your car back to its shiny best.

The Enhanced Detail has everything from the standard Protection Detail above, with the added extra of a full machine polish. After the warm air drying process your car is machine polished using a finishing polish to get the best possible surface shine and help correct any minor paint defects.

This extra stage of polishing can make a huge difference to the appearance of your car and comes highly recommend by all here at Waxy Clean.

The WaxyClean Correction Detail is also based upon our standard Protection Detail, but comes with additional processes to help improve the overall bodywork of your car and fix any major paint defects that you may have. This is a more intense detailing, intended for cars which have been poorly maintained or which have built up heavy swirl marks and light scratches.

The Correction Detail has everything from the Protection Detail package but we have an extra step of machine polishing after the warm air drying. The machine polishing here is more intense than our Enhanced Detail, this time we use a machine polisher which will remove a small amount of the top layer of paint from your car, leaving us with a clean layer of unmarked paint. This will usually clear all paint defects, although this can depend on the level of damage you have to your paintwork and the thickness of the paint on your car. This really is a great way to improve the look of your tired looking car and improve major paint issues without the need for re-spraying or touching up.