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Upgrade Options

The WaxyClean services are second to none, but sometimes you need that little extra to give your car that perfect professional finish.   We have put together these upgrades to give your beloved prestige or performance car that special service, leaving it looking like knew with protective coatings that can keep your car looking amazing for years to come.

View our upgrade options below and feel free to contact us for further information or to place your booking on 0203 589 6063 or visit our enquiries page.

Ferrari Detailing

Since 1930, Swissvax have provided the highest quality car care products and WaxyClean offer this amazing all surface treatment for your car. The Swissvax reputation exceeds itself among the leading car care brands around today because of their dedication on creating the most amazing products for your vehicles.

Their extensive knowledge about caring for your cars has enabled Swissvax to develop and improve their unique formulas over the years and today their namesake is recognised around the world. They take pride in their traditional methods of car care and recognise what’s important, which is why Swissvax All Service Treatment is so popular.

To book this treatment, contact Waxyclean now on 0203 589 6063 or visit our enquiries page.

The GYEON Q2 MOHS+ Bodywork Treatment is one of the most advanced paint protection applicants in the world today. It’s exclusive formula works in two stages; a hybrid layer of organic-silica is firstly applied which in turn, increases in weight and then forms an amorphous organic-silica nano-composite. Waxyclean detailers are certified in applying this amazing treatment and each application increases your vehicle’s finish by up to four times on the Mohs scale! On top of that, the Gyeon Q2 MOHS+ bodywork treatment also comes with a 2 year warranty.

Once applied, your car will be better protected against everyday stains and your scratch resistance is greatly enhanced. This astonishing treatment is sure to leave your car looking in pristine condition and is highly recommended for prestige and performance cars.

To book this treatment, contact WaxyClean now on 0203 589 6063 or visit our enquiries page.

An expansion of the GYEON Q2 MOHS+ Bodywork Treatment e, this extra protection package delivers everything above plus much more. An additional two days of work is dedicated to Quartz coating your vehicle’s exterior features including tyres, alloys, brake callipers, exhaust, glass and all your interior fabric or leather. These treatments greatly enhance your cars protective finish and create an all over ‘like-new’ appearance. Gyeon Q2’s state of the art formula is one of the best on the market and comes with a 2 year guarantee from the day of application.

WaxyClean’s team of car care specialists are trained in all applications of the Gyeon products and take pride in their attention to detail and bespoke services.

To book this treatment, contact WaxyClean now on 0203 589 6063 or visit our enquiries page.