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CeramicPro 9H AMG E63

WAXYCLEAN LTD, Carry out a full CeramicPro protection on a AMG E63


Ceramicpro 9h sealed by waxyclean

A full CeramicPro protection was carried out by Waxyclean.  We carried out a full detail on this AMG.

We decontaminated the car using AutoSuds Detailing Products that where bonded to the car.

autosuds Eliminate tar and and glue remover

AutoSuds Eliminiate Tar and Glue

Car Was washed after Removing the Tar which was bonded to the car. We had to carry out removing Iron, Again we used a great product Autosuds iron remover!



Carry out the polishing to remove swirl marks. This 50 / 50 shot shows before polishing and on the right after polishing this is after our first pass!

polishing amg

Correction Detailing, Remove defects, Swirl Marks

as you can see from above, The left we didnt carry out any machine polishing on the right is the correction work that was done by WaxyClean.

We  also cleaned the Wheel’s , Wheel Calliper, the springs. We sealed the alloy wheel and the brake calliper with CeramicPro Wheel and brake calliper sealant.


And now for the Engine, We Degreased and Steam Clean the engine and dress this providing it with protection.

engine steam cleaned

Engine steam cleaned



And finally the results as you can see , looks absolutely great.xpTcm3CDwdrxSFQZm9Ua3VurT0x-nwAz9-EKnX9d9y0 y_-WOq7J4AKji__az9ny9brQNHKJ_Ra9Y9bDadAbpU8

ceramicpro 9h sealed by waxyclean