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Autosmart Tardis 1L , Tar and Glue Remover

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Tardis Autosmart 1L with Microfibre Cloths

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Product Description

Tardis is excellent for removing tar, adhesives and hydro-carbon wax and has a highly effective and fast acting formula. It emulsifies with water for easy rinsing and it is also effective on grease and oil. Directions: Ensure surface is dry. Spray, brush or wipe on. Agitate and then rinse with water or a damp cloth. Caution: Tardis may soften solvent sensitive plastics and paints. If in doubt test on a small inconspicuous area before use. This is a professional strength product and as such carries potentially serious health and usage risks that should be fully understood from the outset - please read the directions for use carefully! 

Technical Details

  • Its outstanding ability to remove tar and bug splatter
  • ensures that minimal claying is need thereafter to completely de-contaminate your paintwork.
  • free-rinsing formula prevents unsightly white stains from forming
  • A fast acting solvent based tar and adhesive remover

This Kit comes with 5 x Microfbire cloths 40 cm  x 40 cm  280GSM! By SimplyMicrofibre

Additional Information

Model Tardis 1L with Microfibre cloths
Volume N/A
Units Per Case (Case/Wholesale Orders) N/A
Item Volume N/A
Manufacturer Autosmart

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