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X1 Shine & Seal (1 Yr Protection) 500ML

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X1 Shine & Seal (1 Yr Protection) 500ML

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X1 Shine and Seal Paint Protection 500 ml

X1 Shine and Seal (12 month protection) is a premium car polish and paint protection system that protects paintwork for up to 12 months an leaves an unrivalled shine. It is based on advanced PTFE Nanotech technology (contains 12% PTFE) with superior Acryloplexins meaning ultimate protection. This superior blend of polymers and suspended PTFE particles give that deep gloss showroom finish. It does contain a very small amount of abrasive which removes the dead layer of your paintwork prior to polishing and sealing.  It is resistant to detergents and protects for up to 12 months.  It is typically used in the car and motorhome areas.

X1 Shine & Seal halts the typical fading and oxidation of the paintwork, preventing your car looking old before its time. You can easily and cheaply protect your car paintwork from all the corrosive elements - our 12 month  will protect against UV, pollution, acid rain (sulphuric and nitric acid), bugs, salt, exhaust gases, and snow and this is a simple one step process.

Additionally the ultra-hydrophobic property of X1 Shine and Seal means that any dirt and stubborn grime that does stick is so easy to wash off and even when you apply normal cleaning detergents, these chemicals do not strip away the protective coating – the coating is immune to ALL detergents, meaning your showroom shine will not fade either.


Additional Information

Using X1 Shine and Seal car polish and paint protection effectively is like putting a protective hydrophobic coating over your car paintwork but please note that to get the best protection over this 12 months you need to use X1Wash and Gloss and X1 Polish and Guard on a regular basis.

You can of course use other products on your paintwork as this will not affect the protection.

Additional Information

Model X1-SS-500ML
Volume N/A
Units Per Case (Case/Wholesale Orders) 6
Item Volume 500ml
Product Code N/A
Manufacturer X1

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